Our Values

Weyenberg Financial, LLC. is built on Christian values and strong fiduciary principles.

Fiduciary: A person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons, putting their clients’ interests ahead of their own, with a duty to preserve good faith and trust. Being a fiduciary thus requires being bound both legally and ethically to act in the other’s best interests.

Our Mission

We partner with clients to provide trusted financial advice based on active listening, thorough planning, diverse service and product offerings to provide financial peace of mind. We strive to select services and products that align with our Christian values and those of each client.

Our Proposition

  • Actively listening to each client’s current and future needs
  • Utilizing this knowledge to provide informed financial recommendations
  • Advising individuals with consideration of current and future incomes, timelines, costs, taxes, distributions, retirement plans, and estate planning
  • Supporting employers and their employees through the implementation and administration of 401K, 403B, SEP, and SIMPLE retirement plans, as well as other employee benefits including Cash Balance plans, Group Health, Life and Disability Insurance
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