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Why Meet with an Advisor?

You’re undergoing or planning a big life change, such as getting married or divorced,new job, having a baby, buying a house, taking care of aging parents, or starting a business.

Your investments have grown or your financial life has gained complexity beyond what a Robo-advisor or online advisor can handle.

You want to meet with someone in person and are willing to pay more to do so.

Here’s what to expect from a traditional advisor:

  • Meeting in person at a local office.
  • The advisor will provide holistic planning and assistance to help you achieve financial goals.
  • You’ll have in-depth conversations about your finances, short- and long-term goals, existing investments, and tolerance for investment risk, among other topics.
  • Your advisor will work with you to create a plan tailored to your needs: retirement planning, investment help, insurance coverage, etc.

Hire an advisor you’ll be comfortable working with and, of course, one who’s qualified — ideally a CFP or CRC and a fiduciary, meaning they are required to put your interests first.

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